Monday, April 14, 2008


This is a written statement of my awakening.
As I read the book A New Earth and do the workshop
with Eckhart and Oprah..
We are on Chapter 7 as of tonight.
I have had quite a few AHA moments.
I am learning to be in the present moment.
I have to always try to be the observer in my life.
I have to accept the moment surrender to it...This is my journey........


Serena said...

Hi Dianne....I came over from Luci's blog. I am up to Chapter Six in The Power of Now and have downloaded the classes from Oprah's website too. I read a chapter, then watch the corresponding class. LOVE IT!

I can't wait to finish the book but I'm taking it slowly so I can absorb it fully.

Love your journal cover!

Stephen Hall said...

Hi There! I came over from Anita Davies site, I love the cover of your journal. Enjoy your journey, keep your journal close by at all times and write passionatly about the good stuff and skim the other bits! Keep in the moment, if you have to reflect visit your journal. If you don't mind I'll pop by now and again to see how you are getting on. See you soon!